Street people

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  • theboxman

    Many people need our help especially those that live on the street.

    view the stories of the people that live on the street at this website

  • Satanus

    Very few people here are qualified to give the kind of help that street people need. It goes much farther than giving $20, or a meal, or talking to the person. If you focussed on helping one street person for a few months, you would see.


  • Kenneson

    I work at the local soup kitchen. I see street people everyday; some have become my friends. Food is a basic necessity and we try to make that available for them. For other services I often refer them to other agencies. Although I know that we are limited in what we can do, I try to be there for them, even if it's only to listen when they seek me out.

    Welcome to you, the Boxman.

  • parlay

    Personally, I found the site to be condescending to those interviewed, poorly veiled by derogatory humor.

    Is the money made from the online store donated to the coalition for the homeless?

    The site says it brings awareness to homelessness. For what purpose? To help them or make fun of them?

    I think the latter.

  • monkeyshine

    Is this supposed to be a joke? That's stupid. You come here to make people aware of homeless people and this is what you show? Your corny and have no idea what is funny. If you want to make fun of the homeless then that's your deal. It ceases to be funny when you show it to the wrong crowd. Show it to a 12 year old and you'll get laughs. Why not make fun of handicapped people too?

    I can't believe there is even a link to a real site! I truly hope your not seriously trying to help someone because if you are then you are retarded and should be homeless yourself.

    Probably a JW thinking he's funny like they always do because their humor is so sheltered. They don't realize that in the real world that stuff is not "bad ass". It's weak.

    Here you go, wanna hear something that's actually funny? "Your mom's phone number is in that guy's turban."

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