What's the view on the American Flag?

by LuciousJ 2 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • LuciousJ

    I'm confused about the whole "american flag" do's & don'ts. What is the REAL take on it....is it wrong to have anything patriotic? Is it wrong to say the 'pledge of allegiance'? I need some good factual-based answers on this one.....especially since school just started.......Thanks!


  • JWdaughter

    The JW view? Don't salute the flag or say the pledge. I have heard different schools of thought on standing for it (or the anthem). I always stood respectfully.

    As a non-JW of course, it is strictly up to YOU what YOUR stand on the issue is. I like it personally, but I was always a subversive little JW, and knew the flag salute the first time I had the opportunity as a non-JW to say it. I got teary eyed for the national anthem(hard to explain when an elders daughter is standing next to one at school assemblies).

  • mama1119

    I know as a JW we were not suppossed to put allegience into anything but Jehovah (AKA the BORG) but I personally see nothing wrong with patriotism, being proud of where you are from.

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