Fluff.........oh fluff

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  • lola28

    ok we are need of some good old fluff so here it is, write a profile like the ones you find on dating websites for the poster above you, include what you think the poster wants in a mate and a description of the poster, have fun with it!


  • misanthropic

    Okay, don't know what profiles on dating websites look like but here goes.

    Lola is as sweet as a flower that basks in the suns rays; full of youth, vigor, passion and sometimes fury. She is in search of a man who will cater to her every whim and often bring her breakfast in bed. Of course he MUST have ravishing good looks and an incredible mind.

  • IP_SEC

    Ok so Im not as hardcore against humanity as my username implies... thats just to scare off the wimps. Now what I want in a man is... well he must be good with a paintbrush... thats about it. And roller too... ok. Yes paint brush and roller.... and wood scrapers and sanding blocks.... ok yes thats about it...

  • Arthur

    33 Year-old double amputee seeks a loving partner.

    Attributes: Fun, smart, has most of his teeth, showers every month, and owns a bowling ball.

    Hobbies: Playing hop-scotch, watching "Charles In Charge" re-runs, and picking his toe jam.

    Looking For: A loving soul mate who knows how to comb muskrat hair, who likes to eat raw meat, and who has never had tuberculosis.

    Just Call: The Happy Go Lucky Dating Service


  • monkeyshine

    30 year old male. Married. Easily influenced by strange religions. Deathly afraid of smurfs. Spend all my time on a Jehovah Witness forum. Shunned by most of the people I grew up with.

    Any takers???

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