A separate arrangement is much more effective!

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    Appearing "effective" in front of the "public" has always been, and still is, very important to the Watchtower Society. Even more important than showing love for ones own brother or sister! As was the case in 1928. Many brothers and sisters were made to feel as though they were part of the congregations only part of the time. They felt as though they were a marked person. The hurt caused to them must have been very deep! It was ok to meet with these brethren in class study (or private), but when it came to being seen with these brethren in "public", representing the Watchtower, well then, that was a different story! Many of the witnesses through the years have felt that the Watchtower has caused discrimination due to their man-made laws, rules, and regulations but were unable to voice their concerns because they feared being reproved or even worse. Even though much of this topic is related to the past, Jehovah's Witnesses remark even today that discrimination is felt in certain congregations with no end in sight! Yearbook-1928-p.84 "There is no reason why the Colored brethren should not meet with their white brethren in class study; but when it comes to the public witness work, a separate arrangement is much more effective amongst the people" (The most effective separate arrangement I can think of is to separate from the Watchtower!)

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