Any one have stories on the Bristol (UK) assembly hall?

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  • truthseeker

    I didn't personally take part in the building of this assembly hall, but I did know one of the brothers who helped with the design of it.

    I also have a brochure of the Assembly Hall itself, detailing the legal obstacles that had to be overcome in order to build the hall.

    I've not seen the hall personally, but understand it is a unique design.

    Did anyone help out on this building project?

  • KW13

    NOPE but i've been and its actually amazing, its got an indoor fountain and stuff.

  • Gilberto

    Is that the one that is sunk into the ground? If it is we went on a trip with the cong to visit it during construction. Why oh why would you want to go visit a building site for pleasure? What a good dub I must have been.

    Incidentally, it was a cold day when we went and the sister showing us round part of it was wearing trousers. The sisters in our cong wanted to know how she managed that. She said it was a struggle but after pleading she was told okay but then told they must be smart trousers. As if she would have worn jeans! How did we not see the level of control I suppopse we did... eventually

  • Gill

    No sorry! But I understand that nowadays, the assembly halls are becoming quite 'ornate' in comparison to what they used to be.

    The Dudley Assembly Hall has been 'done out' in marble and also has a fountain. The North Penines Assembly Hall is quite an extravagant intereior also.

    This considering that everything is paid for by R and F donations is quite staggering.

    When we used to 'go' to JWland, we were assigned to the building projects in Dudley. When we had all contributed to that we were told that 'the council might want to knock it down so we need to urgently collect funds to build another Assembly Hall in the North Penines!' Apparantly this was a sign of persecution. There was frantic cash collected and a really ornate and beautiful building was built in North Penines. We were reassigned to that assembly Hall and miraculously the council no longer wanted to knock Dudley down.

    'They' decided that Dudley needed refurbishing. So we were reassigned to go to Dudley and so had to donate to refurbish Dudley. That cost an absolute fortune.

    The cong was then at Dudley and no longer to go to North Penines which had cost a fortune, in the first place.

    Someone try to tell me this is not some kind of a scam. It's the biggest SCAM I've ever known.

    And who, exactly owns all these very elaborately designed and decorated buildings? Not even a religion, but a book publishing company!!!

  • Satans little helper
    Satans little helper

    I've been there, I actually lived about 2 miles down the road for the last 5 years we were in the UK and met up with my father there for one of their assemblies when I was considering getting reinstated.

    It's quite an impressive building if you are into that sort of thing, they basicallly dug a bloody great hole in the ground and buried the assembly hall, mainly because the locals did not want to see it, and if I remember rightly then one of the legal requirements was that it could not be seen from the M5.

    Unfortunately they were spouting the same old crap from the stage, some things never change.

    What I did find interesting was that the place cost a fortune to build and bethel had to basically strong arm a number of congregations into using the hall (and therefore contributing to it's cost) from quite some distance away. I know that congs from as far afield as Bournemough are using the hall despite it being a good 3 hour drive away.

  • Gill

    SLS - Shouts 'Scam' to me!

    It's pretty amazing how they manage to force the JWs to hand over their hard earned cash regularly for these pointless constructions. They cleverly move them from one place to another and insist they cough up the cash for buildings that they simply do not need. In the UK there is no huge growth and need for new congregations and assembly halls but money is still being dragged from the poor and sweaty hands of the ordinary dub just to make the bOrg richer.

  • Satans little helper
    Satans little helper

    that's an interesting point you make Gill, does anyone have recent year book figures for the UK?

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