UN/DPI NGO Conference now going on--Webcast available

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  • cabasilas

    I just noticed that this year's UN/DPI NGO Conference is now going on. It started yesterday and continues through Friday. It can even be watched via webcast. I thought some might find it of interest to see what sort of events these were as WT Society representatives apparently attended some of these back when it had an associated status with the DPI. The website and links to the webcast is at:


    The webcast page is at:


    Archived webcasts are available also.

  • cabasilas

    This morning session is now broadcasting. Looks to me like a "let's all work together for peace and security" type of event.

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    funny i see ungod in that website hahahahahah - must be a beast lol

    is the list of attendees available?
    maybe the WT re-registered under one of their many other corporate names.

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