Writings of Charles Taze Russell

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  • kirani007

    For informational purposes, there is a searchable database of the writings of Charles Taze Russell at http://www.ctrussell.us/. This site has a complete copy of Studies In The Scriptures, his Watchtower articles from about 1897 through 1916 and various other of his works. Just thought you might be interested!

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    Lady Liberty

    Dear Kiran,

    Thank you for your post. I saved it in my files.


    Lady Liberty

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    moggy lover

    Hi, Kirani 007, thanks for the research and finding this Russell site.The most wonderful thing is that it is E-Sword compatible

    I was wondering if you, or any one on JWD could find something out for me? Online on the Internet you can get: 1 All the WTs from 1879 right up to 1916, when Russell died 2 Then you can get WTs from 1920 onwards. BUT: What about those three years in between 1917, 1918, 1919 which are so crucial to understanding the Rutherford inspired coup d'etat and his taking over the WTS as a result. Anyone know where they are aviailable?


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  • Atlantis

    Thank you kirani007! Appreciate your post.


  • kirani007

    If I remember right, publication of the Watchtower was suspended during the war because of the pacifist position of the "Russellites" as they were commonly called back the. Something about them being considered as possibly a subversive or treasonous organization.

  • cabasilas

    Actually, it wasn't suspended but the headquarters was moved back to Pittsburgh for awhile.

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