7,000 Year Creative Day

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    I would like to find out if anyone has any background information regarding how the idea of the 7,000 year long creative day was developed as a "doctrine" of the Jehovah's Witnesses. I come from a JW background, having been raised as one until I broke away from the at the age 17. I do remember that some of the material that we used in Bible Studies or at the Sunday afternoon Watchtower meetings covered how that 7,000 year figure was arrived at. One of the publications that I'm THINKING covered it in some detail was either the Let God Be True book or the Babylon The Great Has Fallen book. I am thinking that it was arrived at based on the computed length of time since the creation of Adam, coupled with prophecies from Isaiah, Ezekiel and Daniel, but I can't remember for certain. I'm also thinking that it may have either been a product of or influenced by Charles Taze Russell's previous religious background before his formation of the early version of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Someone also once suggested that it had been or is a doctrine derived from the Seventh Day Adventists. Any input would be appreciated.

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    Here's one discussion on it; there was one more recent but I can't find it right now.


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