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  • DannyBloem

    I went to kingdom hall today and they had the latest awake for me about evolution.

    I guess my kingdom hall is a bit late maybe as I have seen others which had this awake already. On the first hand it wasn't that bad as I had expected it. Not as bad as the latest creation book anyway.

    Is there any review done on the artikels here?


  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Hi Danny,

    I really like the big blue creation book.. as evolution doesn't make sense to me at all. At one time, I had a snake as an ancestor..no, not any logic there.

  • pseudoxristos

    I prefer the talking snake story over the evolution myth. It makes more sense to me.


  • Geronimo

    Among my people there are stories of talking snakes and coyotes. Brother bear at one time also spoke with man. Yes, there is far more sense here than in evolution. G

  • vitty

    I really dont know enough about evolution to make my mind up, so ill sit on the fence for a while longer till I need to know.

  • PrimateDave

    Go over to the Talk Origins website and look through the arguments for and against evolution and creationism. You will soon see that the WTS doesn't come up with anything on its own but borrows heavily from arguments made previously by all the different creationists of 'Christendom'. Try to see who is forcing square pegs into round holes and you will see who is lying.

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