Stop Lying About JWs, Herbert Armstrong's "Plain Truth" Carts were not before JW Carts!

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  • JWCartPusher

    I had a man walk by the Cart and say "Hey, you guys are now catching up the Herbert Armstrong's literature carts from the 1970s! He wanted to know if our Organization move's at the pace of "Evolution" when it comes to adapting to social norms, what madness is he speaking about? Did Herbert Armstrong's Crew have "The Plain Truth Carts" in front of stores before JWs had literature carts? I need to know if that's true, yesterday my Pusher had me parked a street where the sign said "No Parking, No Stopping! $250 ticket for stopping" and nobody walked by, she stooped down in the bushes while cars drove by and nobody walked by for six hours!

    The Vitamin store has a very sexy cart that can talk, while my Pusher left me unattended again, I was making eyes at the Vitamin Store Cart who has literature and has a voice box by pressing a button. I see this as a future trend, you watch, we are going to get 'Info speech boxes"

    Press 1. for End Times

    Press 2 for "Family Life"

    Press 3. for New Earth

    Press 4. Do you want a loving family?

  • StarTrekAngel
    LOL.. definitely I would say your vision is short, not pass your top shelf (or whichever part you consider to be your nose) pressing buttons? that is so 80's. Think bigger... with your answers being so standardized, it would not be difficult at all to have them add their own version of Siri. A small solar panel would get you going all day.
  • sir82

    Say, you really know how to push my buttons.



  • apostrate

    Press 5. for our current position on whether a woman should scream if she'e being raped.

    Press 6. for info on when Armageddon will be here.

    Press 7. for what sexual deviancies are allowed between man and wife.

    Press 8. for our updated current position on whether a woman should scream if she's being raped.

    Press 9. for whether popular music is appropriate in the Kingdom Hall.

    Press 10. for a list of all things pagan.

    Press 11. for a list of all things considered "old light".

    Press 12. for an even more current updated position on whether a woman should scream if she's being raped.

    Press 13. if you are an apostate.

  • Garrett
    You naughty naughty cart you. You know you aren't supposed to be eyeing wordly carts like that. You may only eye those within the organization. I don't care how many buttons that cart had, if I hear of you doing this again, I'll have to take up my christian responsibility and tell the pusher police aka the cartelders.

    JW Cart - do you not know the scripture that says that if a JWCart just looks at a vitamin store cart so as to have a passion for her in his wheels it is as good as adultery !

    I know ...its those 2 large .......wheels...... that get your bearings going hey ?

    YOu are starting to worry us big time !

  • Vidiot

    JWCartPusher - "Did Herbert Armstrong's crew have 'The Plain Truth' carts in front of stores before JWs had literature carts?"

    Indeed they did.

    Decades ago (usually in airports).

    With arguably better cover art, too, I might add; I remember one issue featuring a rendering of the Beast of Revelation (the 666 monster) that was absolutely badass...

    (And I say all this as a staunchly non-religious agnostic.)

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