Greece 101 US 95

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  • 144001

    I had to laugh about Lebron's comment that the Greeks "don't know what to do." Generally speaking, these U.S. NBA players are overpaid lazy egomaniacs that were outclassed by a bunch of guys few here in the States have ever heard of. Let's toast the Greeks for serving these guys a nice slice of humble pie! Yasoo!


    I couldn't agree with you more, but you really need to stop generalizing about people. Some one might think you are a bigot. Edited to ad the razz.

  • SirNose586

    Great. Now we just need to play American football with other countries and lose to that, and the shame will be complete. I mean, it was a foolproof plan! Pay these guys obscene amounts of money, then win the gold! What a waste of resources.

    We need to get the And1 guys in there and break some ankles.

  • Warlock

    You guys need to talk to Larry Brown. He'll tell you why they lost.


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