Do we have an obligation to preach?....

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Door to door or otherwise to the those in our area - not the Jw message - but a protective message about the witness cult?

    I have been considering this and it's implications for a while now - we know about [by firsthand experience] a destructive cult that slyly weaves itself into peoples lives and steals years and family from them, sometimes committs them to doctrine that actually cost them thier lives. Do we have an obligation to the community to 'actively' warn them? Or is simple passive removal and occasional mention of the dangers acceptable. I know some have 'canvassed' actively, others just leave and forget about it.

    Not looking for universal rules on this - just opinions.


  • Honesty

    Unless I'm on a pro JW board, I usually stick with presenting the real Gospel to people.

    If I'm on a pro JW board, I let loose with every round of ammunition that is in my arsenal but in a way to show the lurkers how messed up Watchtower doctrines are.

  • Finally-Free

    Most people don't give the JWs a second thought, so I don't see the benefit of advertising the Watchtower name, even if it is in a negative sense. I don't want to inadvertently pique someone's curiosity about it.


  • carla

    I have, off and on delivered anti witness literature for the past couple years. To mailboxes, in bathrooms, library, etc... I feel that I wouldn't want anyone to go through what my family has so that's why I do it. I have kept 'count' then stopped counting because I didn't want to feel like a jw keeping 'count'. So, I am somewhere at about 1% of my cities population in 'deliveries'. Never counted the many businesses or trips that I took and left them places. On a funny note, I was out with my jw and left a brochure in the bathroom, went back and it was on top of the garbage so I took it out and put it back on the counter, this happened about 3 times. It amused me or maybe it was the cocktails but I always wondered if the jw woman was getting frutrated by this or not.

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