The endless debate and literal seven years

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  • Haereticus

    It took me good three evenings to wade through this 60 page debate and now one thing is left bothering me. I did not notice any mention about the possibility Neb having literal 7 years sick leave. I am not saying that it did not get mentioned, but I feel that it is worth mentioning twice in that case.

    Simply showing that the Bible and history does not allow long enough period for Neb's temporary absence from his office, is sufficient and there is no need for further calculations. This table in COJ's GTR is very helpful tool for this purpose:


  • peacefulpete

    Daniel reflects a confused mess of tradition and legend. The Dead sea scolls (Prayer of Nabonidus) attribute the 7 years punishment by the God of the Jews as meted out to Nabonidus. This might have arisen from Nabonidus' absence in Tayma leaving his son Belshazzar to reign. It seems doubly likely that the author of 2nd century author of Daniel had confused the 2 traditions in naming Nebuchanezzar the father of Belshazzar.

    His mixing of traditions is also evident with his Darius the Mede reference.

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