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    It has been brought to my attention that asking people to invest in my “Wrongfull Death” lawsuit or in any lawsuit may be illegal. I am not convinced that that is true. Irregardless, I am asking anyone who may have posted my message about “ Limited Lawsuit Partnership Funding”, to remove such message from the web site you have posted it on immediately and post this message instead.


    If you have used the material concerning the “Limited Lawsuit Partnership Funding”, posted on this web site or any other web site to further a lawsuit of your own, I ask that you Cease and Desist until such time as I , or yourself can get further legal advice.


    The idea for the “ Limited Lawsuit Partnership Funding”, came from my discussions with a head of a political party in British Columbia. Gordon Watson, is using it to finance a lawsuit against government officials to help a friend. You can read about this on his website:

    Carl Person, a Harvard Lawyer is the person who came up with the idea. You can read about it on Mr. Person’s web site :

    Go to the “Original Lawmall Home Page” and scroll down to near the bottom under the heading “ Miscellaneous Law – Related Matters”.

    If you type in a search engine “ Lawsuit Funding”, you will find a long list of companies that finance lawsuits. I am told that it is very common for an Investment Company to invest in lawsuits and for Class Members to invest in a Class Action Law Suit. I was told that it is very common in medical malpractice cases where the injured party cannot proceed with a lawsuit for whatever reason, and investors purchase the rights to an awarded judgement from the injured party. I have been told that my “Wrongfull Death Lawsuit”, is basically a medical malpractice suit.

    As you can see, I did do some research about this idea of a “Limited Lawsuit Partnership Funding”, and believed when I posted my message about it on this forum that it was legal, and I am still under the impression that it is legal for a Class Action Lawsuit. What I am not absolutely sure of is whether it can be used in my “ Wrongfull Death Lawsuit”. After persons mentioned to me that this might be illegal, I contacted a large law firm who specialize in putting together an Incorporation and have lawyers who specialize in Securities. My intention was to hire this lawfirm to do the necessary research into whether it was legal to invest money into the “Wrongfull Death Suit” and the “Class Action Suit” and set up the “Limited Lawsuit Partnership Funding” as an Incorporation. I was quoted a price of $4,000 as a retainer. When that amount of money was collected from those persons interested, I was going to have this done and registered. When I posted on this website about this “Limited Lawsuit Partnership Funding”, I used the registered Trade Name, “SAVE THE CHILDREN”. That Trust Fund was set up last March for donations to help finance my “Wrongfull Death Suit.” So far, I have not deposited any money into that trust fund since advertising the “ Limited Lawsuit Partnership Funding”. Please DO NOT send me any cheques made out to “SAVE THE CHILDREN”. I have closed down that trust account.

    INTENTION: I fought to get blood transfusions for my daughter.

    There was the Custody and Divorce Trial, where I tried to get custody of Bethany so I could find out where they were hiding her and prevent them from harming her. I wanted to make sure my daughter had the best of medical treatment.

    I opposed my wifes attempt to become the Administrator of my daughters estate so that they could not be able to sue the Doctors and Child Welfare for giving my daughter blood transfusions. My concern was primarily for my daughter’s life and right to live. I wanted her to make her decisions in full knowledge and free from institutional co-ercion, secure that her family and church would support her unconditionally or at least not harm her. I believe my daughter’s death was the result of persons acting on the behalf of the Watchtower Society and the Institution itself.


    I assume full responsibility for consequences as a result of my posting about the

    “ Limited Lawsuit Partnership Funding”.

    No lawyers viewed or approved the message I posted concerning this Lawsuit Funding. I am sorry for any problems this might cause anyone. As mentioned earlier, I still believe that the “Limited Lawsuit Partnership Funding” is legal. I do need to pay a lawfirm to checkout all the laws pertaining to this for Canada, the US and Internationally. Over five thousand victims of the Watchtower Society have contacted me and wish for me to advance this Class Action Law Suit. I am sure there are many more victims who would also want to support this. I want to claify something that I said in my previous message which could be misunderstood. I said that I have a team of lawyers who are willing to work Pro Bono to assist me in this lawsuit”. What I meant was that the lawyers were willing to assist me in the “Wrongfull Death Lawsuit”. At present, I have not engaged any lawyers concerning the Class Action Law Suit. There may or may not be any lawyers willing to take it on a Pro Bono or Contingency basis. But there will definitely be costs associated with a Class Action Suit of this kind. Unfortunately, English was my weakest subject at school. I apologize for any misunderstanding about that.


    For the past four years, I have financed this lawsuit and the other Court Actions almost entirely on my own. Any monies donated to me to help pay legal expenses are still in the trust fund “ SAVE THE CHILDREN”. I would gratefully accept support, financial, legal or otherwise. I thank you for your ongoing support and compassion. Together we can make a difference. Together, we can make HISTORY. Together, we can save the lives of thousands of Jehovah Witnesses. I do not want my other too daughters to die because of this religion. I do not want this to happen to any more families………to any more children. Thanks.

    Lawrence Alexander Hughes

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