Vacations and internet worries

by greendawn 2 Replies latest social entertainment

  • greendawn

    My holiday is drawing to a close on 5th September, trying to find internet places to post is not that easy most here are too expensive at 5 or 6 Euro per hour, some are reasonably cheap but filled with cigarette smoke or too noisy due to music played at too high a volume or too many kids playing games while shouting and giggling. And hopefully the connection will be reasonably fast, the keyboards wil work properly, and the monitor will not make your eyes dizzy.

    I missed the internet at home being on line in peace and quiet and in a smoke free environment. Then I will catch up on what has been going on here at the board over the past month or so since July the 29th.

  • bubble

    That's one hell of a long holiday Greendawn, where have you gone?

  • greendawn

    Hi Bubble, I am in Corfu a Greek island with lots of British and Italian tourists (Italy is only 7 hours away by ferry boat). Mind you though we travel with a camper van so we don't pay that 50 Euro per night for a room. Just park and sleep where we happen to be each night. We travelled all around the island.

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