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  • Kaytam

    Hi, I have a problem with drinking. maybe it is more with depression. Has anyone out there been able to conquer this without the whole institution, 6 week program? I don't really want to check myself into a clinic but feel like I am kiiling myself in the meantime. How did you stop or make it moderate on your own. Feedback very appreciated.

  • Arthur


    I just sent you a PM.

  • BizzyBee

    You may be depressed because you drink or you drink because you're depressed. Either way, you've chosen to drink as a response to life's problems. You may find that you just have to stop. Period. If so, AA works. You do not have to do an in-patient program - ultimately at some point the 28 days ends and it is about day to day maintenance anyway.

  • simplesally

    Some people think that just because you are over drinking alot means that you are alcoholic. There is a difference between being an abuser and alcoholic. Abusers tend to self medicate and when they get 'healthy' they resume normal drinking habits. You can see a doctor or psychologist about it to find out where you fit in.

  • Kaytam

    Thanks for input. I think I do self medicate to escape

  • Twitch

    My experience has been similar and it's funny how alcohol as a depressant seems to alleviate the symptoms of depression or other underlying causes. Plus I shoot a better game of pool after a couple,....;-)

    Seriously though, you may need to ask yourself a couple questions. Such as why do I choose to have this drink? Is it causing problems in other areas of my life? Do I exercise control over it? Can I stop?

    The good thing is the fact you've already identified a problem and possible underlying causes. So change it up and see what happens. Talking to a psychologist really helped me with the down times especially after leaving. The roots can go pretty deep. And not to be shallow but do things you enjoy, eat healthy and get out and about. The little things u know,...

    Bottom line is that if drinking is something that you can't control, seek help whether it's a behavioural therapist, AA or a discussion board. Venting goes a long way,....


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