JW women murdered by man she took in

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  • karen96

    This happened just a town over from me:


    In yesterday's paper, it says the victim described this man as her "gentleman friend", although I can't find that quote on the online stories. Yesterday's paper did not mention she was a dub.


  • katiekitten

    Gosh, thats kind of sad.

    My mum offered a homeless girl off the street a bed for the night last week, and I was pretty nervous all night for her. Turns out the girl never turned up in the end.

  • daniel-p

    That's justice for you. A JW woman who actually tries to do something substantial for someone she thought was in need.

  • Arthur

    I just hope that the memory of this poor woman isn't besmirched by other JWs who say things like: "there you go; that's what happens when you get involved with worldly people." It sounds like she was just being a good Samaritan.

  • Mary

    That is horrifying.........that poor woman.

  • simplesally

    You know there will be a talk blaming her for bad association and that's the ultimate reason for her death.

  • Kenneson

    That's really awful! The poor woman tries to help the guy and he "thanks" her by murdering her. No conscience, the brute.

  • earthtone

    Oh goodness, I got a little teary eyed reading that. She just tryin to help someone out. How sad.

  • JWdaughter

    Seems like the guy was messed up from the pain and drugs. . .not excusing it, but as it doesn't seem like a behavior that he was leading up to other than his statement at the crisis center. I have heard a few people say and do things totally out of character when in absolutely unbearable pain. What a shame for that woman to have been repaid for her kindness with such an ugly end. I hope that no one adds to the pain of her family with the comments that we know can be typical of some particularly clueless/tactless JWs.

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