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  • isthisit

    I want to thanks those of you who replied to my threads, and pm'd me. Anyway, the announcement was made. We arrived at the meeting a little after 2015 and went away again just after the announcements and went for some drinks with some friends of my from Uni, we told them that we had left, their reaction? " Finally!". My parents have been amazing through out the whole thing, however i think that my mum may be under the illusion that we are going to seek reinstatement after we are married. They are however keeping their relationship with us on a need to know basis. Only two of my friends within the org, my true friends are staying in contact, infact they are coming to the wedding. So it seems in Boston we are going to be a party of 14, which will be a nice civilised number. Anyway i suppose the whole point of this message is to say thank you, i don't know how my access is going to be over the next few weeks, i'll drop by and read and hopefully respond isthisis

  • evita

    I just want to wish you the best in your new life. I read your DA letter and was very moved by how rational, calm and caring you seem to be. I was much more scared, angry, and irrational when I left :) You're fortunate that your dad is being so reasonable. I hope your parents continue to support your relationship.
    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and wishing you both a happy life out of the org!

  • earthtone

    I've also read about your story and I'm very happy for you and your future wife! Good luck in your new life together and I look forward to reading your respones whenever you can post.

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