Its time for me to come out, is there anybody from Youghal cork?

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  • vomit

    Well not come out come out, but I want to see if I can locate a friend.

    Dont want to give away too much.

    Maybe there should be a lost friends section here so we can find people.

    I might bump this thread a few times because I am feeling a bit lonely.

  • katiekitten

    Dereks in Ireland somewhere, and theres an apostofest in Dublin in September - you should go, you will meet so really lovely people.

    I knew a couple of people who moved to Ireland in the 80's to work 'where the need was great'. Either you werent doing your job properly or those guys just wanted an excuse to leave England!

    Im in Gloucester, so no use to you short term im afraid.

    But welcome.

  • funkyderek


    You have a PM

  • jgnat

    Youghal is a place? I learn something new every day.

    You could put yourself on the map if you like.

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