Party Saturday night

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  • moomanchu

    with fellow dubs stay out late drinkin. Then encourage each other to make it to

    the Sunday meeting. On Sunday, look around see who made it then feel self righteous

    that you made it but others didn't, then rub it next time you saw the person.

    Making it to the meeting or field service seemed to cancel out sins.

    anyone else have similar experiences?

  • serendipity

    Hi moo,

    Yes, meeting attendance & field service covered a multitude of sins.

    I knew one JW sister who had regular get togethers on Saturday night. If her guests didn't make it to the meeting on Sunday, they were not invited to the next get together. And she let them know why. Self-righteous - yes.

  • moomanchu

    I can remember a friend who did 4 hours field service Saturday and joking that

    should be good for a lot of and hell raising tonight.

  • Crumpet

    I'm quite shocked at this - but I left before I was really a young adult at 16. Had I known it was possible to get away with partying

  • chuckie77
    But I just didn't consider having a double life.

    Ive considered changing my name to 'Ol King of the Double Life! I used to go out partying but never with witno's, couldnt think of a more boring night! Imagine being hammered and still having to watch what you say!

  • Crumpet
    Imagine being hammered and still having to watch what you say!

    if you can watch how you talk

    and watch how you walk

    that thus you may be alert and wise

    .... then you didn't drink enough!

  • undercover

    Managing to make it to a Sunday morning meeting after staying out late and partying on a Saturday night was the equivalent of a confession for me back in my day.

    I rationalized that if I could make it to the meeting then I must not have overdone it the night before and had remained within acceptable limits of recreation.

    I think that's what helped me to not get into a whole lot of real trouble. I made most of the meetings, even if the night before was a real doozy of a night. I guess because the elders saw that I continually made the meetings they rarely associated me with those who kept missing meetings...until later, when I started missing all the meetings.

  • moomanchu


    that's it to a tee!

    There was quite a few of us back in the day pulling this stuff off.

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