When the Levees Broke-HBO

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  • lonelysheep

    Anyone watching this? It's on now on the east coast USA.

    Watching what everyone went through (some of you, I know) is tough to put it very lightly. Losing home, out there w/no help, starting over out of the blue, let alone losing any loved ones.

    I fell asleep after the first act Monday night, but will catch it if it plays again soon. The tears were flowing heavily, and I expect the same this evening.

    Ok, starting already...

  • free2beme

    I thought it was kind of a little liberal in theme, in that it showed all the negative and I know from people who have been down there, that there has been a lot of positive happening too. The biggest problem that happened down there, and it will get worse, is that it has just become a political dumping ground of photo ops and things being forgotten and then brought back when the elections near. I personally think the area will never be the same, as the amount of money needed to rebuild will simply not be possible to raise and a smaller version of the area will have to come alive to actually give growth potential to any future. What is sad, is New Orleans used to be a awesome vacation location. Not anymore.

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