Adjustments to Revelation Book in PDF

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  • Elsewhere

    Codeblue has asked me to post something...

    It is a PDF that a JW created that has all of the Revelation Book changes prepped so they can be printed up, cut out and then pasted into an old Revelation book.

    Yet another example how a JW can read, memorize and work very closely with the literature with out ever really studying it. They will memorize something, but never really think it through and truly process the information.

    If the JW who created this really was thinking about the content he/she most certainly would have had several red flags go up regarding major doctrinal changes.

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Thanx for posting that Elsewhere.

    Yep - they are so blind that they miss the whole point.

    But then, they don't want to 'get it' do they. That would shatter the dome and prove that Logan had a reason to run.


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