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  • pratt1

    Did anyone see the City Confidential episode where a Dub woman from (I think) Boise, Idaho was killed by her Russian born Ballet star husband?

    I seems pretty clear the he killed her, but he is now saying that she was killed by the Watchtower, Bible and Tract Society, because she married him - an unbeliever.

    Does any one have any personal knowledge about this case?

  • Shawn10538

    Maybe you can expand on what City Confidential is? Is it fiction? Documentary? It seems a strange premise for a sitcom if it is one.

    Also, who was killed? The character or the actor in real life?

  • pratt1


    City Confidential is a TV show that features true life crime stories.

    It is on the Arts and Entertainment channel.

    All of the characters are real people.

  • Mamacat

    It's a documentary show on A&E. I haven't seen this one. I think this is the right episode synopsis, but it doesn't mention she was a jw.

  • Scully

    Boise, Idaho: Season 9, Episode 106

    Yes, I saw the show... and yes, I think the husband did it. I'm sure the local JWs use her as an example of what can happen when you are Unevenly Yoked™.

  • looking_glass

    Yes, I saw the episode.

    Sorry I know too many people who are JWs and have married non-believers and they were not killed by the WTBTS because they married outside of the religion.

    Though I agree w/ Scully, I have not doubt rather then JWs feeling for the woman and her family, have blamed her for her brutal death, because she became unevenly yoked. Yet we have examples of active JWs killing their active JW spouses and/or parents. So what is their excuse for that?

  • outoftheorg

    The lady you are speaking of attended the same KH in Nampa Idaho that I did. She had a young girl that was a sweet thing and she also died a few years later.

    The lady you mention was a kind and sweet person who had lost her husband for reasons I do not know but the elders were on her all the time. She wanted to have a small get together for the females only and the elders put a stop to it.

    The jw crazy laws may have been the reason she never remarried in the religion and then left the jw's.

    I could tell that she was longing for a full life and was frustrated and upset a lot. My now ex wife and my older girls were about the only people that she had as friends.

    I have always felt that her harsh treatment by the elders and one especially idiotic one has at least some cause in this ladies life that caused her to marry this man.

    Yes he did kill her there was a lot of evidence. I don't think he has a chance of getting out.

    Although I will say that that one controlling harsh over the edge elder, I think he would kill if the wbts told him to. He was an awful hateful person. His wife and one daughter joined the Nazarene religion just to piss him off. None of his boys would have anything to do with him. We called him Sarg.


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