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  • Qcmbr

    Hi, continuing my discussions with my JW friend he mentioned that Genesis 2:1 'host' of heaven was actually a reference to an army of stars. He mentioned that the same phraseology is used in Psalms and he quoted a psalm (I think!) which had actual names of stars in it. I can't find that Psalm but of more interest I wanted to find the WT or Awake article that links Genesis 2:1 with that other reference. He challenged me to find such an article after I suggested that he had read it in a publication rather than arriving at that linkage himself. Any help appreciated.

  • blondie
    He mentioned that the same phraseology is used in Psalms and he quoted a psalm (I think!) which had actual names of stars in it.

    Thinking of Job maybe.

    I have no opinion, but this is what the WT-CD has to say in part:

    (Genesis 2:1) 2

    Thus the heavens and the earth and all their army came to their completion.

    (Nehemiah 9:6) 6

    "You are Jehovah alone; you yourself have made the heavens, [even] the heaven of the heavens, and all their army, the earth and all that is upon it, the seas and all that is in them; and you are preserving all of them alive; and the army of the heavens are bowing down to you.

    (1 Kings 22:19) 19 And he went on to say: "Therefore hear the word of Jehovah: I certainly see Jehovah sitting upon his throne and all the army of the heavens standing by him, to his right and to his left.

    (Psalm 103:21) 21 Bless Jehovah, all YOU armies of his, You ministers of his, doing his will.

    (Psalm 148:2) 2 Praise him, all YOU his angels. Praise him, all YOU his army.


    it-1 p. 176 Army ***


    Heavenly armies, in the sense of well-organized multitudes, refer not only to the physical stars but more frequently to the mighty hosts of angelic spirit creatures under the supreme command of Jehovah God. (Ge 2:1; Ne 9:6)


    it-2 p. 21 Jehovah of Armies ***

    The Hebrew word tsa·va´´ (singular; plural, tseva·´ohth´) basically means a literal army of soldiers, or combat forces, as at Genesis 21:22; Deuteronomy 20:9, and many other texts. However, the term is also used in a figurative sense as in "the heavens and the earth and all their army," or "the sun and the moon and the stars, all the army of the heavens." (Ge 2:1; De 4:19)

    (Job 38:31-32) 31 Can you tie fast the bonds of the Ki´mah constellation, Or can you loosen the very cords of the Ke´sil constellation? 32 Can you bring forth the Maz´za·roth constellation in its appointed time? And as for the Ash constellation alongside its sons, can you conduct them?

  • Mistah MOJO
    Mistah MOJO

    Hi Qcmbr

    The Hebrew word translated "host" (sabaoth) does indeed mean "army" as in "Jehovah of Armies." (Think back to your NWT) So, yes, speaking of "all the hosts of heaven" means "all the armies of the sky" or "all the amies of heaven." This is poetic writing, not an excuse for JW's or any other nutjobs to start running around screaming "the Bible teaches there are armies in outer space!" oir "the Bible teaches that the stars are literally an army!" If that's what trhe cracker is trying to say he's substandard in intelligence and critical thinking ability. That's being nice. MM

  • jonahstourguide

    Thank you Blondie again.

    I was trying to figure out the question to para 8 & 9 in the current wt study you commented on.

    So I jwn googled neh 9 6 and came across this thread.

    So after reading the paragraph I see that evidently the levites also understood there

    were two heavenly armies. Sigh,,,,,,, sometimes I'm not sure why I'm bothering

    but I am trying to prove or disprove for myself what truth is.


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