Headed to Berlin Germany on Sept 3rd What shouldnt we Miss?

by Asheron 4 Replies latest jw friends

  • Asheron

    Is anyone there or been there? The wife (originally from Stuttgart Germany) and I are going there for the first time. Any suggestions? No Kingdom Hall addresses please...lol

  • purplesofa

    The Plane!!!!

  • Asheron

    lmao that was good.

  • jason bourne
    jason bourne

    You just must spend an afternoon in the www.kadewe.de department store in Berlin.........

    Simply put, you will be amazed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm in tears just thinking about that beautiful place

    Have fun at the champagne bar.....oyster bar....and taste the delicious chocolates!!!

    love jason

  • smellsgood

    OMG, I missed this for a bit.

    Why haven't any Germans replied to this btw? lol

    I've been to Berlin, so I second Jasons suggestion, don't miss kadawe, it is phenomenal. Only, make sure you don't fondle any of their dresses, you will get a german lady speaking at you for an entire minute words you don't understand until "zwei tousand drei hundert funfzig mark (now euro)" and then you go "ooooh, das ist teuer!" (that's expensive)

    The top floor (food floor suhhhhhhhhhhhweeet) is unreal. Cheeses, meats, pastries, wines, liquors, restaurants, fantastic in every way.

    Don't miss seeing the Reichstag! Brandenberg Gate, the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche (located Breitscheidplatz near the ku'damm shopping street), Potsdamer Platz!!! (some of the best food I've had, I forget the restaurant name, across from the Sony store there anyways), Fernsehturm (the big discoball looking rotating T.V. tower)

    And for the best views in my opinion, climb the narrow staircase of the Siegessäule in the center of the Tiergarten.

    If at all possible, you must not miss taking the S-bahn to Potsdam!! Visit Prince Freidrichs palaces, the schloss Charlottenberg (which unfortunately was I was not able to) and Sanssouci (meaning "without a care" which I was able to see! Tour the grounds around that estate, there are little golden buildings that are very fairytale like)

    hope you have a great trip. Would you mind sharing some photos once you get back??


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