What secrets do you keep from....

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  • serendipity

    I ran across an article on secrets wives keep from their hubbies:


    And then, secrets that hubbies keep from the wives:


    Are there any surprises here?

    Is there anything you keep from your spouse?

    I think that infidelity, drug,alcohol and gambling problems are obvious omissions. Anything else missing?

  • IP_SEC
    Secret #10: We'll always wish we were 25 again

    I found them all pretty accurate except this one. Maybe I'll feel that way when I get older

  • snarf

    Hi Serendipity !

    I keep the real checkbook balance from him, but not in a bad way. He is a spender and I am a saver. When I balance the checkbook I always round up to the next dollar, just easier I guess. We now have an extra $600 in the account he is clueless to, but it will be spent on his air compressor and other tools on his wishlist for his birthday. Also, it has come in handy when we fall a little short on bills, it's kinda like the unseen cushion.

  • Stephanus
    What secrets do you keep from....

    I'm not telling!

  • anewme

    When I get out to town on the rare occassion to spend a little money I dont have show and tell anymore with my new hubby. Been there, done that with the old hubby and learned they really dont care to hear about it. He knows I am spending my own money and knows I am super frugal. I now just decorate with it or wear it and let him discover it.

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