The fine line of apostasy

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  • headmath

    I've heard that placing literature written by CT Russell in the door to door ministry would constitute apostasy. At the very least a publisher would be D'Fd if they did so. I mean there are books written by CT Russell that are so off the wall that your head spins. The real reason here is that that old WTS literature is the very ammunition of apostates

    Let's proceed to the Rutherford era. He also wrote some books. Again I think the WTS would recommend against placing his literature in the door to door ministry. So what about the Knorr era? I think that the book "Babylon the great has fallen - God's kingdom rules" is from this era. Well can we place that book in the door to door?. I think this is somewhat of an embarassment to the WTS as the dates of 1914,1919,1931,1935 are stressed so much that the WTS can't go back and change these dates. Imagine the supreme arrogance in saying that the door to heaven was closed in 1935. Do you think the householder in the door to door work would fall for that lie.? Not only that but that book is largely a bunch of quotes from Rutherford (Russell is only mentioned once)

    Proceed to the Franz era..The book "The aid to bible understanding" was written by an apostate - our good friend Raymond Franz. The question now is what older literature will the WTS allow to be placed in the door to door work.??

  • MinisterAmos

    I got biotched at for placing month old WT's

  • uwishufish

    They probably wanted you to obtain(buy) the latest issue to place.

    I remember going out in service with a group of teenagers who had old motorcycle mags in their car and I proceeded to use these as the lit that i was placing. just for shits and giggles.


  • inbyathread

    We had a MS state from the platform one evening that "The date on the magazine is not an expiration date. They can be placed anytime."

    So much for the older mags are bad mags idea.

  • Seeker4

    When I was in my teens a brother passed on something that an older brother in Brooklyn had once told him. "You should burn all Watchtower literature more than 10 years old."

    Think about that. It says it all about the WTS.


  • KennyC

    The question now is what older literature will the WTS allow to be placed in the door to door work.??

    Luther's "Papal Bull" maybe. No wait. That must be apostate stuff too.

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