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  • Moomin


    During one of my book studies, the subject of hiv came up. I was told that if a brother or sister was infected with the virus then they should humbly accept the fact that some people may not want them in their homes. So anyone with the virus will be able to attend meetings at the KH but not the book study or any social gatherings.

    They explained how an African sister had caught the virus from a patient because she had given him mouth to mouth. I found this really difficult to believe as I'm sure the chances of catching it that way are exceptionally unlikely if possible at all? I expressed this to them and they said "well it was an article in the WT".

    I really struggled with it as I thought that if the Watchtower said it then it must be true. I thought that what if the nurse and the patient both had ulcer/sores on their lips then maybe the virus could pass through that way?

    Either way I was really quite surprised at their view on an infected person. Also my study conductor went on to develop a stinking cold that she quite happily spread around the KH and others homes and she really was contagious. Has anyone else heard of anything like this or maybe know of the Watchtower or Awake article?

  • jstalin

    There has yet to be a documented case of anyone getting HIV from mouth to mouth resuscitation:

    In short, the WT made that story up.

  • Bstndance
    They explained how an African sister had caught the virus; from a patient because she had given him mouth to mouth.

    OMG, a woman in Africa was infected with HIV?? Alert the media! Typical WTS BS. For an interesting perspective on AIDS in Africa read the link below.

  • aniron

    As a trained First Aider we are now advised when giving mouth to mouth to use a protection device.

    Which is basically a piece of polythene with a one-way valve mouthpiece. So that we no longer come in contact with any of the persons bodily fluids. We even now before touching anyone should put on a pair of surgical gloves.

  • DocBob
    During one of my book studies, the subject of hiv came up. I was told that if a brother or sister was infected with the virus then they should humbly accept the fact that some people may not want them in their homes. So anyone with the virus will be able to attend meetings at the KH but not the book study or any social gatherings.

    You are likely thinking of the information contained in a 3/15/1996 letter from the Watchtower Society to all bodies of elders. It came out a little over a year after I stepped down. I had heard some of what it contained. When I read the whole thing, I was sickened.

    The letter starts off talking about how we should follow the example of Jesus in showing compassion for the afflicted. But then it moves quickly to what the responsibilites of those "afflicted" are. These come in the form of additional questions to be asked of potential JWs who want to be baptized. The questions were included in the letter and in a insert for all the elders to put in their "Our Ministry" book. Here they are:

    (a) What responsibility rests upon a person who is infected with a communicable disease that is potentially fatal?

    Keeping an eye, not in personal interest upon just your own matters but also in personal interest upon those of the others. - Phil. 2:4.

    All things, therefore, that you want men to do to you, you also must likewise do to them. - Matt. 7:12.

    (b) To avoid transmitting a potentially fatal disease to others,

    (1) why would it be better for an infected person not to initiate public displays of affection such as hugging and kissing?

    (2) why would it be best to attend the Congregation Book Study at the Kindgom Hall, if at all possible?

    (3) why should infected ones not react negatively when some choose not to invite them to their homes?

    (4) why would it be wise to choose voluntarily to have a blood test before beginning a courtship?

    I will post more on this later

  • ronin1

    My late sister-in-law died of AIDS at the young age of 27, due to receiving tainted blood transfusion when she was 15 years old. It took over ten years for her to become full-blown with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

    She did not know she had this disease when she starting studying (my brother married her as an unbeliever-JW talk) and soon qualified to become baptized. The elders informed her and my brother in Sommerville, NJ that she could not get baptized at the Circuit Assembly in the same water with the other baptismal candidates. So they arranged a special and separate baptism ceremony at their home and then baptised her at a ceremony at a beach on the NJ shore. I was very upset, but most of my family living up North who could attend went and was very happy for her. We were glad she came to know about God and the Bible and his promises because she was one of the sweetest persons I have ever met in my life. At the Circuit Assembly, she stood to the side while all other brothers and sisters were baptized in the pool. I felt very sad at that moment.

    However, bodily fluids are very dangerous and can spread the virus that causes AIDS. That is why when I was a Life Insurance Agent, all we had to do was take a saliva swab of a client's mouth and that was enough for the Life Insurance Carrier to test and tell if a person had HIV.

    Persons should be aware that when they kiss someone, that persons saliva can be infected with the virus that causes AIDS and can be spread to other persons.

    It's 'food for thought'.


  • aoxo

    ronin and all you others out there listen to this. aids is practicaly impossible to transmitt through saliva. i quote the text book "microbiology" by kathleen park talaro. pg. 770 says "Extensive studies have indicated that, even within families, infection of healthy persons has occurred only after know exposure to blood." "the AIDS virus does not survive for al long outside the host, and it is far more sensitivew to heat and disinfectants. In general, AIDS is spread only by direct and rather specific routes involving intimate contact with an infectious dose." "The virus can be isolated from urine, tears, sweat, and saliva, but in such small numbers (less than 1 virus per cubic centimeter) that they are not considered sources of infection." insurance agents and people who know people that have aids does not make them anymore knowledgeable of the disease. its rediculous for someone to not accept someone with aids into their houses. you cannot get it from a toilet seat or any other non direct ways. please dont be as ignorant as the J-dubs are about this. aoxo

  • aoxo

    another thought from the swimming pool baptism incident. aids would die very very fast in that cold water. it needs warmth, and the chlorine would definately kill it asap. it is out of stupidity and ignorance that the witnesses didn't want her in the same swimming pool. another way the society and elders screw up the minds and emotions of their followers. there are only certain bodily fluids that can be used to transmit aids. it doesn't surprise me that the elders were so stupid and ignorant as to deny a person baptism with the rest because of a disease that is nearly impossible to catch through normal interactions.

  • ronin1

    Hi aoxo:

    Thank you for your reply and thoughts.

    I also heard that AIDS cannot survive more than a time outside, etc.

    However, because people (including myself) are not well informed ( although I try to be) about this disease and because the medical profession is still learning about this disease ( to the point that they cannot find a cure or stop the spread indefinitely), this disease scares persons and makes them not want to confront it or be around persons afflicted.

    I can tell you that whenever myself and my husband, daughter, my brothers and sisters visited my late sister-in-law, we made sure that we were healthy- so as not to make her any more sick (low t-cell count, chance of getting infections, colds, etc). We were not afraid to be around her, hug her, to show her compassion and love,etc.

    People need to understand that AIDS victims, especially in the last moments of their lives, need compassion and love from family and friends.

    As sad as it was, we were all there in NJ with my late sister-in-law when she passed away at home in her hospice bed at her side and holding her hand.

    WE all believed and know she knew we loved her and would miss her.


  • aoxo

    sorry to hear about your sister in law. im also sorry to hear about your experiances with the Jehovah's witnesses.

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