Do you view yourself as a sinner? Are animals sinners too?

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  • jambon1

    Or is it just the case that people make mistakes. Some little, some big.

    If the punishment for 'sin' is old age & death then are the animals sinners?

    Why do they also get the cold, hair loss & cancer?

    Is there some wee cat in history that let the cat kingdom down by eating the forbidden 'bowl of milk & crunchies'? Maybe a bigger, superior cat, conveyed the law against eating said munchies & little poor sinner cat ignored him? Hence, the rest of the cat race were subjected to eventual misery and death. The same scenario obviously occured among all the different animal 'kinds'.

    The whole concept is surely deeply flawed, is it not? Or I am I looking at things too simply?

  • IW

    Genesis chapter one said God declared his creative works "good", that does not necessarily mean perfect as man defines "perfect". imo.

    It suited the intended purpose, God's purpose.

    I'm glad you brought this topic up it's an interesting one.


  • plmkrzy

    My Rat Terrier is a sinner, he will NOT stop humping my Rott Puppy and it's driving me nuts! I'm gonna have to put him in a cage.

  • V

    One of my favorite points, thank you for the thread.

    Animals get sick, grow old, and die. Yet Romans says "the wages of sin is death". JWs use this scripture to prove that humans die because of inherited sin from Adam. Yet with this logic, don't animals also die because of sin?

    The Society does not directly answer this, except to put animals in a lower caste. Aside, some JWs theorise that modern animal sickness is related to man's increasing imperfection (e.g. "humans were closer to perfection in Noah's day"), but this does not explain why the Mosaic law had numerous references to lame and sick animal sacrifices if that time period was early on the scope of the human timeline.

    Granted, God could have created animals with a limited life span, but why cause the suffering of sickness and age then?

    The simple answer, requiring a larger scope then JW/Christian blinders allow, is that all life forms show the same pattern of life cycle (birth > maturity > degredation > death) from cells to stars. It is only our human ego that strains to exempt us from this all pervasive reality--including fanciful concepts of afterlife.

  • smellsgood

    if you were to look at it from a "biblical" perspective, i believe it would be a consequence of God "cursing the earth" etc...
    from a natural perspective, why haven't the weaklings died off already?
    sin is defined as something 'against God' like a crime is defined as something done against another, anothers property etc. Punishments I suppose if one was speaking of a sin, would be legislated and judiciated by God, since he would be the legislator, the judge, et al.
    I don't know, I'm just answering your question from a viewpoint that addresses this.
    I hate it when kitties die. Mine did recently :(. Animals I'm not to crazy about though (like crazy rabid ones that try and bite your face off)...or animals that taste delicious...hmmm. I don't think its reasonable in those instances to wait for "nature to take her course." I'm hungry and want steak.


  • kimoko

    Interesting and thought prevoking topic i cant say i've eveer really thought about it.

    It sure is one of them, i mean when God told Noah to get one pair of every animal maybe they were naughty sinful ones like they were full of vices so like from Adam to us the sin was desended down hence the suffering and death...or maybe just maybe that was the most bogus set of logic ever

    God just said man when he was talking about sin and when he put a time limit on life span BUT i just thought of something! wow haha Well it is said that after the original sin man distanced God from his creation destroying the delicate balance of the world. Maybe a effect of this inbalance was animals having to die and suffer like human because due to the distance that was placed God couldnt stop it or maybe didnt want too. Why didnt he want to? Well another lil thing that God greatest gift was free will and the suffernig of animals was a after affect of the sin which was made due to Adams and Eves free will. If God was to stop this it would compromise the free will in which He gives. Yet again poor little Adam has a lot of blame on his shoulders.

    The thing is that gets me sometimes is the fact that God sent Jesus and Jesus died for our sins right? but then why would it still effect us of course the theological answer is that the world is full of imperfection and evil due to the fact that saten works in other organisations and so many people have still yet got to regain the spiritual connection that was lost after the original sin by turning to God.

    So basically the original sin is to blame but but but if God is omniscient then he woud know that Adam and Eve would have sinned and why create the devil knowing he would become a fallen angel? Again maybe it is the freewill the fact he loves us so much he wants us to choose to turn to him he knows the choices we will make but we are stil able to make them.

  • Mistah MOJO
    Mistah MOJO

    LMAO! I often use this same argument with those who insist they and I are "sinners." MM

  • aquagirl

    I dont view myelf as a sinner.i dont view most folks as sinners unless they do something very hurtful to an individual w/prethoughtout malice..i guess i just dont like the term'sinner'...its another one of mans stupid inventions..

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