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  • moomanchu

    Witnesses With World Weight

    As a witness did you feel like you had the weight of the world on you?
    A start of a list of things that made me feel like I had the weight of the world on my back.

    I'm part of an exclusive true religon that is speaking for God himself, I must obey.
    I am part of a privleged few on earth that God chose to do his work.
    I have special knowledge of God and the future.
    I'm responsible to convert all people to JW so they aren't killed, thereby saving myself from being killed.
    Of course must attend 5 meetings and do 10 hours of selling literature or god will hate me.


    After leaving the JWs I felt a huge burden lifted from me.

    Seeing the people, He had compassion on them,
    because they where distressed and dispirited, like sheep without a sheperd.

  • Satanus

    As a jw, i thought what i did mattered in the universal contest between the gods, satan and yhwh. Now, nothing i do matters much, except to me, and sometimes to a couple of other people.


  • Soledad

    Yes, I did feel the weight of the world on me. It was worse when, say on Saturday mornings that I didn't feel like getting up to go preaching. I would start chastising myself, saying things like I'll be blood-guilty if I don't go and how would that look before Jehovah, etc. I was constantly worried about my behaviour. I was way too conscious of my role as a JW teenager and as a woman. No wonder I was depressed and sick all the time!

  • poppers

    Makes you wonder how they reconcile all of this with Jesus's words about putting down the burden of rules; something like "For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light"

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