Darin and Darby inTennessee/ I was bad

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  • Junction-Guy

    I m using Darin's laptop now,we are going to the lake today. Yesterday we went to Norris Lake, then went down to the Smoky Mountains the back way through Townsend TN. We passed Bob's old Kingdom Hall in Walland.I realize this wasnt very christian of me, but I had Darin take my picture in front of the Kingdom Hall with my middle finger extended, we had a good laugh all the way to Cades Cove. After driving through Cades Cove (we didnt see any bears, but came close as we just missed one that already wandered through.) we drove back through Pigeon Forge and went to several Go-Kart tracks.,plus we ate at the Mandarin House Buffet. We drove back home on the interstate, I sang Kingdom Melodies for their entertainment, we all had a good laugh, plus we almost had to pull over twice to hurl on the side of the road-just kidding LOL. Tommorow we will drive to Chattanooga and see Lookout Mountain,Rock City,and Ruby Falls. Saturday is up in the air, but we will probably drive up to Kentucky and take a train ride through the Big Sout Fork. Having a great time, talk with you all later. Dave

  • xjwms

    sounds like my kind of road trip

    I love that part of the states.

  • Crumpet

    Chattanooga Choo Choo! Spunds like a cool road trip - so can we expect a new avatar shortly?

  • Junction-Guy

    Im not sure about a new Avatar, it took me forever to get this one posted, im technologically challenged.

  • lisavegas420

    Have fun Dave...wait what am I thinking...you have fun everywhere you go.


  • Junction-Guy

    Thanks Lisa, Darin and I always have fun on road trips. Darby is a precious hoot too.

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