JW litter-ature and Catholic hospitals

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  • bebu

    I noticed that recently that people mentioned finding WTS literature in their local hospitals. I don't know about the standard public hospital, Catholic hospitals will be more interested in understanding that the literature is anti-Catholic.

    I have brought WT litter-ature to the attention of ladies manning the info desk at our local Catholic hospital, and explained to them that the JWs are extremely anti-Catholic. And their being a private Catholic hospital, they had no reason to permit that. I suggested that they call the local JW Kingdom Hall and ask for their members to not leave anything here, since they usually followed requests. The info clerk seemed quite surprised and said she had no idea about them at all. (Kinda like the UN had no idea that the WTS hated them, even though they joined up...)

    Anyway... if you are in a Catholic hospital, do everyone a favor if you see Awakes, WTs, or whatever. Don't just throw it away, ask them to stop it at the source (the KH). If you WORK at a Catholic hospital, then you might consider being the one to make the call!

    My great idea for the day.


  • outoftheorg

    Hi Bebu, I have to tell ya this one.

    After I met my wife and moved to this small town, I told her about the jw's and their wbts leaders. Since she managed the Home Health dept. she had access to the front offices.

    She promptly told a few of the office personnel what she learned. The local jw's were always leaving copies of the wt and a waky among the common magazines.

    Now they are promptly removed and put in the trash. I think the jw's think that people are interested and take these magazines home. As the amount they leave, keeps increasing.

    No matter how many they leave, they all go quickly into the trash.


  • TresHappy

    Whenever I see literature of the JW's, I try to toss it, unfortunately most of it is at my relative's homes and its sort of hard to do that!

  • gaybeat

    I do notice them around hospitals but I haven't bothered to remove or dispose of them. Besides it must be cool laying down beside "Blender" and "Stuff" Magazine with Jessica Simpson half naked on the cover. I wonder which one people will pick up and read.

  • jeeprube

    I work in a Catholic hospital. One day, I watched as two brothers walked into a waiting area and spread out copies of the mags on every table. At the rear of the area, a receptionist watched them with a disgusted look. As soon as the two men left, she burst up and ran around gathering all the mags up. Then she threw them all away as she shook her head. I got the idea that this went on a lot.

    It was pretty funny to watch, especially when I thought about the beaming smiles those two dubs had on their faces as they sat in the car counting off their inflated stats, and all they had done was throw away some trash.

  • carla

    Don't they have an aversion to walking into a Catholic Hospital? Calling the kh and putting the hospital on a 'no call' would be best but I bet you would need the director to do that, not just a secretary. Another way would be to put large stickers on the wt or asleeps that telll how jw's are a dangerous cult with web site addresses. And some anti jw literature next to the wt's. Especially the Silent Lambs brochure and Rebel has some good ones too. Some people don't even know what a wt or asleep looks like, leaving one could be just an 'example' for the patrons of the hospital. Doing that, maybe the jw's would get the hint.

  • bebu

    I know it's easy to throw the stuff away... though it has to be done each week.

    If a request is made by an appropriate hospital staff person, then the whole issue can be finished once for all. And if JWs continue to put out literature, then there can be a terse follow up call for elders to remind everyone at the KH that the hospital does not accept JW literature on the premises, and no one is to bring it again.


  • hubert

    There is a good point to the j.w.'s leaving the Awake mag, as far as I am concerned.

    Last year, while visiting the V.A. Hospital, I found two Awakes in the waiting room, and they were pre-1995!!!! Of which I quickly confiscated.

    Now I have two different copies of Awakes with the "Creators promise of a peaceful and secure new world before the generation that saw the events of 1914 passes away."

    So, make sure you check the dates, before chucking them. They might be worth their weight in gold.


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