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  • chuckie77

    Im sure something like this would have been posted in the past but does anyone have any cool new websites they like to visit?

    My current favourite is www.couchsurfing.com its a travel website with about 80,000 people registered worldwide. If you're planning a trip, you can see who's registered in the area you're visiting, read their profile, send them an email and, if its available, stay on their couch!

    So far, Ive couchsurfed through the U.S and in Dubai. Its a great concept and you meet some really amazing people!

  • Toronto_Guy

    couchsurfing looks really cool, although I've never actually tried using it...

  • misspeaches

    Chuckie - you and your bloody couchsurfing... Sigh. Your always on about it!

    This thread really died in the bum for you didn't it. LOL

    Here's a couple of submissions from me.

    Whilst planning my honeymoon I found the website www.tripadvisor.com extremely helpful.

    If you've ever worked on an IT Helpdesk or had to contact one you will find this sight scary and hilarious all at once http://chroniclesofgeorge.nanc.com

  • Here4You

    http://.www.watchtower.cc good site, excellent forum!

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