Smokey Cat is back from the animal hospital

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  • Skimmer

    My cat Smokey has recently returned from the animal hospital after about a week full of doubts that he would make it to see another day. He is recovering from an infection, idiopathic weight loss, and some other problems. Smokey is finally starting to eat (just a little) and is using his litter box. His age is unknown as he was a rescued alley cat when I adopted him (or was it the other way around?) three years ago.

    After a dental exam, vet thinks he's at least ten years old and maybe closer to fifteen, a ripe age for most cats, and a rather advanced age for an alley cat. It's an age where many, perhaps most cat owners would choose euthanasia over expensive medical treatment. And I can't fault them for such a decision. But, this time at least, I decided to do what I could to keep him in the land of the living.

    A critical part of Smokey's treatment was a blood transfusion to assist with relieving his anemia. Thankfully, I parted ways with the WTBTS thirty three years ago and so encouraged the vet to go ahead with the transfusion she had recommended. Smokey still might not make it, but without the transfusion he would have passed away several days ago. At least he now has a chance.

    The bill so far is about US$750, about three times more than I had expected. So I didn't get the new computer I wanted, but I can sleep better at night.

  • Highlander

    over the years I've spent thousands of dollars on my pets. Never regretted a single penny of it.

    At the same time I wouldn't fault an owner for making the tough decision of letting their pet 'go'

    I hope both you and your pet are sleeping well tonight.

  • talley

    I'll bet Smokey is glad to be back home with you too, and that both of you are "sleeping better at night".

    Have an honest talk with Smokey about how you are willing to help him as long as he wants to be helped and ask him to 'tell' you when he is in pain or too tired to go on.

    I know this sounds a little "out there", but after the 'talk' you will KNOW in the days, weeks, months ahead if he is just having a bad day or if it's 'time'.

    Thank you for taking such good care of your buddy.

    Wishing you and Smokey all the best, Judy

  • Skimmer

    Smokey has made it to another sunrise, I believe he slept well; he's always been good at that. Currently, he's mostly satisfied with little more than licking up all the juices from his seafood based canned cat food plus a bit of dry food. This is fram a cat that used to be able to go through three cans a day with no fussiness whatsoever. I'm happy to see that Smokey has retained his affection for high quality fresh catnip; he's gobbled up two large pinches so far.

    I should mention the group that first rescued him years ago.

    If you're in the Massachusetts/New Hampshire (USA) area and are considering feline adoption, it's worth a look. There are plenty of pictures of companions in waiting. Some of my favorites: (waiting since 2006.07.23) (waiting since 2006.07.30) (waiting since 2005.11.22)

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