(PET FLUFF) ----May have my Doberman by next week

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  • restrangled

    I know most of you could care less, but for those of us who love Dobes, this is a pretty big deal.

    I am trying to adopt a 6 year old pure bread intact male who sounds like a gem..My boys are so excited.

    The owner should be coming this weekend to drop her dogs and see how I do with them. I am beside myself with joy at this point. She has chosen me out of all who responded in Florida.

    Please wish me luck!



  • meems1000

    good luck. Dobies are wonderful dogs. I had a red female from 11 years. She bonded with each of my children when they were born. She had the best temperment but was also so watchful of my sons.

  • plmkrzy

    Good luck to you. I've had dobies myself over the years and they are great dogs when raised proper. I just recently added a rott puppy to the home and he is a total clown.

  • TMS

    I have a pretender: a min pin. I doubt seriously if he would back down from a doberman or an aircraft carrier if his master were threatened.


  • buffalosrfree

    I love dobies, they are wonderful dogs. I had several and all of them were loyal, loving, and faithful. In particular was my first one, Alejandra de torejon, (name), she was very loyal and loving and took exceptional care of us. She was always watchful of my baby son and daughter, and watched them like a hawk, and inserted herself between them and danger. She was very watchful of my children and entirely fierce when called upon to do so. she defended my property at her on peril. Living in a culture where it was the norm to have unwanted night time visitors, she defended her home religiously. Love em. only dogs i found equally good or better were Rhodesian ridgebacks, and rottys. buff

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo


    I hope that he's the right dog for you and your family!

    Make sure you find out the obvious things like why the owner is letting him go, temperament, medical history etc. And if you're paying full price for him, make sure he has the correct paperwork - or he's worth nothing!! (Especially if you want to put him out to stud - and if you are planning that, check if he has a good track record - some dogs are useless!!).

    Good luck

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