Movie - A Perfect World

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  • Twitch

    This movie was on this afternoon and I watched a bit of it. I've seen it before.

    For those who haven't seen it, it's essentially a convict on the run who takes a little boy with him. Kevin Costner plays the con who takes a liking to the kid. The best scene is where the boy steals a ghost costume for Halloween and Costner asks him if he wants to go trick or treating. The boys says his mother forbids it because they are JW. Costner says, "I'm not asking your mother, I'm not asking Jehovah, I'm asking you, do you want to go trick or treating?" The kid smiles and nods.

    Good flick.

  • juni

    I remember that scene Twitch. Cute.


  • Nowman

    Yes, I remember that part too which reminded me of when I was kid and I was staying at my aunts house (she was not a JW), she came up with a quick costume (think it was a cat) and took me around the neighborhood to go trick or treating...I thought that was the coolest thing, she and I never told my parents, I kept it a secret.


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