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  • orangefatcat

    Recently I have been doing alot of research on scriptures.

    The book I am seeking Is called the JEROME COMMENTARY of the Scriptures, it is both a reference of text and scholars that have come together to copy the meaning for serious bible students and theologians are assisted greatly by this book. I know that new it costs quite alot, but if someone has one and not asking much I would be most grateful.

    Or perhaps someone could suggest where I could find a used copy elsewhere.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Love Orangefatcat.

  • VM44

    Is this the book you are looking for?

    The New Jerome Biblical Commentary (Hardcover)

    It is availble at Amazon for $47.25



  • blondie
  • VM44

    Here is the book info at the page Blondie found. I think someone was being funny when pricing the book.


    Jerome Biblical Commentary

    Raymond E, etc. Brown (Editor)



    (Lincoln, LIN, United Kingdom)

    Description: Hardcover,ex-library, with usual stamps and markings, in good all round condition. Ships within 24 hours, email us with any questions.1564pp., 2300grams, ISBN:0225488124. Bookseller Inventory # 322102

    Publisher: G Chapman; 1969

    Publication Date: 1969

    Binding: Hardcover

    Book Price:

    US$ 6.66

  • orangefatcat

    Yes yes, that is the book I am searching for.

    Amazon is an American site so it would be almost doubled Canadain.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Kenneson

    I have a copy and I think it's great. I use it all the time.

  • Sadie Masokissdick
    Sadie Masokissdick

    Dear Orange Cat:

    It just so happens that I have a copy of the very book that you are looking for; it's on the shelf of one of my bookcases in my office. Unfortunately, I live in Taiwan, which is quite far from Canada.

    I have the combined two-volume edition, first published in 1968. The Library of Congress number is 68-9140. My edition was published by Prentice Hall. The editors are Raymond E. Brown; Joseph A. Fitzmeyer and Roland E. Murphy. The editors are all of the Jesuit or Carmelite Order.

    Of course, you are aware that The Jerome Biblical Commentary is a Roman Catholic research volume. It bears both the nihil obstat and the Imprimatur. The Foreword was written by Augustin Cardinal Bea.

    I bought the copy that I own, for ten U.S. dollars, about twenty years ago in used book store. It is a valuable research tool, so I did not mind the trouble of bringing it with me to Taiwan [I'm originally from the U.S.]. In any case, in addition to Amazon, I would recommend that you browse in used/antiquarian book stores. You perhaps may also try Christian or Roman Catholic book stores. A local Roman Catholic Church, or convent, or seminary in your neighborhood is also likely to have a copy on hand. This is a classic Roman Catholic research tome, so it should not be that hard to find a copy. I really do not know how much more difficult it would be for you to find a copy that you could purchase for yourself. I have the first [1968] edition; I trully do not know if there were later editions published after 1968. However, it would not surprise me to learn that there were subsequent editions. I imagine that there was a lot of research done during the intervening 40 years between 1968 and now.

    Beyond giving you this information, there is not much more help that I can give you. If you need specific material on a specific topic, perhaps I could consult my copy and pass the findings on to you. To repeat, I think that your best bet would be to browse through used or antiquarian bookstores, or else religious bookstores. Good luck on your search. Best regards.

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