Bookstudy moved to Saturday am

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  • yaddayadda

    I heard that one of my local congo is going to experiment with moving all the bookstudys to Saturday mornings just before FS. Can't tell if this is just a local thing or part of something bigger happening in the org. Anyone know?

  • JH

    Usually there is 1 book study per congregation fixed up that way for those who work alot during the week and have Saturdays off.

    Maybe it's a ploy to get people out in the field service more.....

  • collegegirl21

    We only have 2 book studies that are on Saturday mornings, but I guess they work out well. I dont' go to book study though b/c of school, but I guess they like it a lot.

  • Mysterious

    There was only one Saturday morning group here when I went and it was always by request. I guess it's convenient to get service and the book study out of the way but if you don't like to go out much it would be pretty lousy.

  • sspo

    we've had book studies on Sat. for the last 20 years.

    Usually it is the conductor that pushes it, it might convenient for his business

  • blondie

    Meeting times/days are decided by the elders supposedly for the convenience of the rank and file. Even the public talk does not have to be on Sunday. I have seen it scheduled on Saturday where several congregations share one building.

    Book studies have been held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday nights, and Saturday and Sunday mornings.

    Some congregations have Saturday ams to accommodate the older JWs who find it hard to drive at night. Also, it is sometimes an attempt to get JWs to go out in d2d on Saturday morning. It doesn't always work...I have seen people change book studies rather than go on Saturday morning.


  • restrangled

    My mom has been attending a Sat. morn. bookstudy for years. It is usually attended by older members as they have difficulty going out at night.

    After my mom bought a new home one block from the hall she is now hosting the study in her home on Tues. nights, ie: doesn't have to go out.

    They have a "goody night" once a month, (everyone brings deserts and coffee is served)....she leaves the kitchen etc., open and usually goes to bed as she gets too tired.

    Her large black cat stays and socializes with everyone. :) He is the star of the show the entire evening, going from lap to lap purring loudly during the study. I am sure he alleviates much boredom.


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