Dreams and Interpretations - Opinions?

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  • Twitch

    Having changed some of my "habits" recently, I've been having some rather intense dreams as of late and recall them vividly.

    Just thought to poll the masses on the subject of dream interpretation and what others think/don't think about the topic.

  • serendipity

    I don't frequently recall my dreams, but when I do, I ask myself if the dream has a message for me. Dreaming seems to be an outlet for intuition and subconscious thoughts, though there's a lot of irrelevant stuff too.

    Last night I had a dream that I was hanging on to the side of a cliff by my fingertips, looking up at a man who I trusted to help me. He lifted up my fingertips and I lost my grasp and plunged downwards. I woke up then. What's the message for me, besides stay away from cliffs? Is it a generalized fear of trusting people? Is there someone in my life I shouldn't trust? Don't eat taco salad from the diner again?

    It's fun to interpret the dreams, and I seldom take my interpretations seriously.

  • Twitch

    I've always been fascinated with the topic of the lucid dream. It's been somewhat of a "hobby" actually to the point of training myself to enter and maintain the state. As you may know, it most often occurs while just falling asleep or waking and seems like a semi-conscious dream with some amount of conscious awareness and control. My experiance has been that it's not like dreaming in the usual sense but more like a "window" to places and persons that I sometimes can choose or not. What makes it fascinating is the "realism", it's just like being there, though sometimes it's kinda hazy kinda like tuning a far away radio station and trying to cut through the static. I've rarely talked about this as most ppl don't seem to approach such things with an open mind. Not that I am a true believer of out-of-body experiences but I'll have to admit if such a thing exists, it's pretty damn close. But then again, it's just a dream,...lol

    As for the usual dream state, I've found a certain level of control in awareness of the dream and often feel in control of it. I can choose to awake (no pun intended) if it's going badly and thus don't have nightmares, typically anyways. Awareness of it while it's happening offers some measure of "directing" it, to some degree

    I've had the flying dreams which are by far the best. I recall one where I was running and began "bounding" like a deer, progressively jumping farther and higher until I just left the ground and floated along a thousand feet up. So cool. They say it's a unconscious reflection of freedom and well being.

    I recall the days of being a dub kid and having the "paralysis" dreams where someone was after me and i froze, unable to move and feeling like I weighed a ton. Fear figured prominently. I attribute this kinda stuff to a reflection of feeling out of control of my life, which was obviously true at the time.

    Of course, dream interpretation is subjective and just that, interpretation. And I agree that as with most interpretation, one can take what one wants.

    Fascinating stuff though.

  • Qcmbr

    When I was a teenager I dreamt about my future wife and where I'd find her and how I'd feel when I met her though I have to say it wasn't that I actually saw what she would look like and well, it worked.... mostly though I just dream abot falling off tall buildings or flying.

  • searching4truth

    most of us have had nightmares about being a jw but then we woke up

  • poppers

    Hi Twitch. I've had lucid dreams as well, and find them quite enjoyable when they happen. When lucid I always choose to fly - it's a blast. More often when having "flying" dreams I am not lucid. There was a time when I dabbled in trying to induce lucid dreams and OBEs but I never had any success. I've since moved on from actively pursuing them, but that doesn't me I don't enjoy them when they reappear.

  • purplesofa
  • Mulan

    I usually have very vivid dreams. Many of my dreams seem to be quite prophetic.

    When I was in 9th grade I would dream the solution to Algebra problems, get up in the morning and solve the problem. My teacher was a bit thunderstruck by that, but the solution was correct. My brain just worked it out in my sleep.

    Others are memories of my past, things that happened when I was a child. I've even had dreams about my ancestors (I'm a genealogy nut) and had a very vivid one where I was a child in the family and saw everyone's faces, what they wore and what the house was like. The house still exists from the early 1800's in Maine, and I'm dying to see it, to see if my dream was right.

    I enjoy trying to figure out what my dreams mean. I know that falling means you are afraid you are going to fail at something. Being naked in a dream, means you are afraid of being exposed as a fraud, or that you lack confidence in whatever you are endeavoring to accomplish.

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