Gimme 5 - if you went in field service today

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  • limbogirl

    from the world of dub inspired merchandise, I happened upon this little gem brought to us by Cafe Press. It's the G5 or Gimme 5 on-line store which sells apparel, coffee mugs and the like with phrases like, "Gimme 5 - If you went out in field service today." My personal fave is the wall clock that says Countdown to Paradise. Check it out and maybe buy some of these goodies for the dubs in your life. NOT.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    everything is marked up 4-5xs the cost. i'll give them 1, 1 finger.

  • limbogirl

    W-A-C -- LOL.

  • Swamboozled
  • Dune

    i didnt go out in service today. Although i told my service overseer that i was going out with a different group. :-D.

  • AlmostAtheist

    There's a ton of crap on that site! I kind of like the infant one-sies that say "*I* decide when we take a field service break!"

    Did you notice there's a "what would jesus do" section? Instead of "WWJD", it just says "DO", but can you imagine showing up to a "gathering" sporting something like that?


  • AlmostAtheist

    LOL! Check out the coffee mugs! One says, "You take my coffee, I take your study"

    This guy is inventive, it's a shame his powers are being wasted on dub-dom.


  • jgnat

    My personal favorite:

  • moomanchu

    I'd Like to give em 5 across their lips.

    $4.49 for a sticker !!!

    I think the WBTS should be informed of this web site.

    If the owner is a witness get him in trouble by complaining to the WBTS.

    More letters for them to deal with :-)

  • moomanchu

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