ALERT: please read regarding a new danger to kids on the web

by candidlynuts 6 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • candidlynuts

    we all know the dangers of myspace.
    i want to inform you of a bigger danger.

    go there.. register briefly, you dont have to provide much information at all to be able to search BY YOUR CHILDS SCHOOL!

    this gives predators not only your kids name, possibly photo, their friends but the actual address and location of their schools.

    please check and make sure your kids are safe.

    i'm trying to figure out how to contact dateline ,child activists, internet safety activists etc and get something done about this. i consider it a very serious danger.

    i found my teenagers, their friends, all by their school and they give out way too much information and post way too many pictures of theirselves.

    this scares me much more than myspace did. it lets predators KNOW absolutely where to find their victims.. from elementary schools on up to high schools.

    many MANY kids stopped using myspace or just keep a 'token' page on myspace and now use bebo instead because parents dont KNOW about bebo.

  • ButtLight

    Thats creepy Emu! My kids are on my space, but never heard of the other one!

  • candidlynuts

    i hadn't either till recently.

    there is also one called

    i'm sure there are more myspace clones out there.

  • Nosferatu

    I had a touch lesson to learn about posting my pic online. When you put your picture online, anybody has the right to copy it and use it anyway they wish, and the law can't do anything about it. The only time the law can get involved is if the picture is being used for fraudulent purposes.

    Also, my children (at least up until a certain age) will not be allowed internet use unless it is monitored by an adult.

  • katiekitten

    Fortunately my kid isnt quite old enough to be accessing the web on her own yet, but its coming soon, and unfortunately I dont know the dangers of Myspace - so I would be grateful if someone would fill me in.

    And thanks for the info about bebo too.

  • avengers

    Checked it out.

    Dangerous indeed.

    Thank you for your vigilance.


  • delilah

    Thanx Candid...will check it out.....

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