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by Nadja 2 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Nadja

    This is a request to all of you out there who have access to those lovely CD-ROMs full of old WTs and Awake mags.

    I need to know about the earliest mention of the UN in WT literature. Namely....

    When was the date of the earliest mention?

    What was the subject matter being discussed?

    How was it presented?

    Anybody who feels up to doing some research for me has my sincere gratitude!

  • peacefulpete

    Sorry I can't provide exactly what you want what likely the earliest mentions of the UN in particular revolved around Rutherford's supposed "inspired" convention speech: The UN, was the WTS given special knowledge?

  • AuldSoul

    The League of Nations was discussed at length by the Watchtower Society, and the "prediction" of Knorr 1942 came after well publicized plans were underway for what became the United Nations, the end of the war being a foreseeable event planned on by world leaders. However, the 1942 mention on the link to which peacefulpete directed you is the earliest mention, as far as I know, of what would become the United Nations.

    I'm not sure what you are wanting this for, but one other reference you would likely benefit from is the November 15, 1963 Watchtower reprint of that year's Convention Resolution, if you haven't already considered it. It is under the title "The Resolution."


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