From the Apostafest, to the convention, and church in between

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  • Junction-Guy

    I left for Dayton Ohio on Saturday July 15th for my 2nd vacation of the year, the next day was our family reunion in Franklin Ohio. The rest of the week I hung around at grandpa's house, stayed 2 nights with my grandma (divorced) and just visited with family.

    On Saturday July 22, Darin and I, along with Luke(German Shepherd) drove up to the Apostafest in Michigan. Check this out, the very next day I went with Darin to his Church (Church of the Nazarene), that was the first time for me in that denomination, the Church service was good. As soon as we got home from Church, Darin and I made a surprise visit to the District Convention in Dayton Ohio at the Nutter Center, we went for the afternoon session. I saw lots of familiar faces from way back when. I also ran into my aunt, who went out of her way to speak to me, but shunned my brother. Oh, I made a special trip to the contribution box and deposited one of those funny George Bush dollars that was handed out at the picnic in Michigan. I didnt have any of that Watchtower funny money to deposit, or else I would have dropped that into the box.

    We left during the final song, and I had Darin take my pic right next to the bulletin board with the name of the convention and the program times. Do they not print paper programs anymore?

    I still had a few Watchtower magazines that didnt get burned at the picnic, I had written in magic marker, "destructive cult" "destroys families" etc etc etc on them. I layed them on the stairs leading down to the parking lot, and I also left a couple on the car next to us.

    As we pulled out of the parking lot, there were a few JW's who left early who went to the gas station across the street, we pulled into the parking lot and there was a motel right next door. I went into the lobby and asked the clerk if she would like some Watchtowers, she said "sure" in a polite tone. I pulled out the remaining 2 Watchtowers and Awakes and handed them to her, once she saw what I had written on them she started laughing, and said "I guess you're not a Jehovahs Witness then?" I laughed and said "no, but I used to be" She continued smiling and I told her she could do what she wants with those mags, pitch them, or whatever.

    As I started to get into the car, I noticed some JW's walking toward the motel, I then told them "Mother is Lying, the Watchtower is a false prophet", they gave me some strange looks, and then shook their heads at each other.

    I wanted to do a little impromptu picketing, but Darin was afraid we would get stuck in a traffic jam, so I did the next best thing, I held the picket signs out the car window. When we stopped at a red light, Darin noticed that the people behind us were JW's, so I held the sign up against the rear windshield window until the light turned green. The light turned green, so I held the sign out the window once again for the next 2-3 miles, but especially at the traffic lights. Darin and I were both laughing up a storm, Oh what memories, what a combination, apostafest, church, and the convention, all within 24 hours time span. Will this put us in the Apostate hall of fame? LOL

    Well I probably wont post again for another week, but I thought I would share these experiences. Do ya reckon I ought to make a return visit on that motel desk clerk?

    See yall later,


  • blondie

    They still have program schedules. Usually they are at the literature counter or the attendant table. The attendants still hand them out to people as they come through the door at the circuit assemblies but not at the DCs.


  • frozen one
    frozen one

    That was quite a weekend. If there was an Apostate Hall of Fame I'd nominate you.

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