Michigan Apostafest-Thank you Jourles !!

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  • Junction-Guy

    I realize it has been almost 2 weeks since the Michigan Apostafest, but I havent had computer access. I want to say a big "Thank You" to Jourles for organizing this event. Darin and I left Dayton Ohio on Saturday morning July 22, we thought we were getting a good start and was making good time, until we started hitting traffic jams and road construction. What should have only been a 3 1/2 trip turned into 5 hours. We finally made it to the picnic around 3 PM. We took Luke with us, (Darin's German Shepherd) and he had a good time playing with the kids and chasing frisbees, until the park police made us put him on a leash, Darin was kinda upset, but I figure most parks have leash laws.

    The picnic turnout was 22-23 people I believe, and I got to meet many new people. The food was plentiful, and the sausages were awesome. There was more food there than our family reunion. We brought a watermelon and drinks since we were driving far and not sure if hot food would spoil.

    After dinner entertainment was provided by me, as I whipped out about 1/2 dozen Watchtower and Awake magazines that I retrieved from a truck stop in Kentucky. We promptly burned them on the BBQ grill and had a few laughs with it. I had also written some funny captions on them too, and Darth Frosty was getting a big kick out of them. That was one of the best picnics I have been to, so a big hats off to Jourles, One more thing, that park was one of the largest city parks I have ever seen in my life, there are state parks here in Tennessee that arent nearly that big.

    So here's to the next apostafest,


  • blondie

    Thanks, Jourles, for planning this. It was a great success. I miss your grin, Dave; thanks Darin for coming with him and bringing Luke. I loved meeting all of you and I can see your faces in my mind's eye now whenever I see you post.


  • Junction-Guy

    I enjoyed seeing you again Blondie, Darin enjoyed talking with everyone too. Luke is still traumatized by having to be leashed, but he is slowly getting over it-LOL.


  • blondie

    Dogs have to be leashed around here too. Never know when a dog will go after another dog in the park. I have seen an otherwise well-behaved dog take a chunk of a person. Or a dog dart into the street and get hit by a car.

    My dog handler friend says that dogs must be very well trained to voice commands to be let loose; but even he says to obey the law and I don't think dogs are traumatized by being a leash if they are slowly trained to accept one.

    He was good dog though and great with those kids.


  • Bonnie_Clyde

    When are you having another apostafest in Michigan? Clyde and I would like to come?

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    It was a fun afternoon. I think there was talk of trying to make it an annual event. I am all for that I cant wait to see everyone again.

  • lisavegas420

    For crying out loud...How do I keep missing these posts?

    I'm on here several times a day...through out the day.

    *Big wave to all the fest goers*

    We had a wonderul time ...Thank you all again.


  • Jourles

    Sorry, I've been really busy lately and just saw this. I had a blast too and hope everyone else enjoyed themselves. Are we on again for next year as well? I hope so.

    It's always great to put the faces with the names(especially the ones who you haven't met before!) Maybe we can have this at my house next year. That is, of course, if I can get my wife to leave town. You'll just have to ignore the jw related fridge magnets and other jw paraphernalia.

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