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  • Smiles

    Here is video with J. R. Brown, Organizational Spokesman for Jehovah's Witnesses and Philip Brumley, General Counsel (lawyer) for Jehovah's Witnesses on the matter of how child abuse is treated with the congregations.

    Notice how J.R. Brown says that the WT has taken "inititives" against child abuse over the past "10-15 years" and then later states that child "has become a burning issue in the last 20 or 30 years." That leaves over a decade that the WT took no "initiatives" on the "burning issue" of child abuse.

    Other J.R. Brown statements:

    "Crime is crime."

    "When we speak of child abuse, we have to look at society as a whole."

    Basically, child abuse happens everywhere. So let's not only focus on the WT Society's problem with child abuse.

    Watch the video:


  • looking_glass

    Really what kills me is that JWs are the first to point fingers at other religions and speak ill about them for things that they do to their people w/i the religion, how they don't take care of them and yet, JWs have been sweeping this problem under the rug for years because of the possible "bad witness" it would bring upon the group.

    Also, who is the guy kidding when he says that JWs are told to work w/ the police and that they try to work w/ the person (molester) to get them help. I was out in service years ago w/ and elder who came out and said to my face that he would not turn in someone who confessed to molesting a kid because it is a "congregational" matter and that it would be more "loving" and "justice would be better served" by the elders handling the matter.

  • Synergy

    What a crock of shit! When I was seven years old and molested by a ministerial servant the elders told my parents not to go to the police, not to go to doctors and IF they told anyone in the congregation they'd be disfellowshipped. Wonder why we're just getting this new light now?

  • Shawn10538

    The blatant error in all of this is that they openly list informing the authorities behind caring for the wellfare of the perpetuator. Since it is a crime and they are in most cases required to report it IT IS NOT THEIR JOB TO TAKE CARE OF ANYONE INVOLVED, VICTIM OR PERPETUATOR! So priority number one is call the police or child protective services immediately end of story. The elders are from then on to be boxed out all around and it isn't even any of their business how things turn out after that and they can't stand that fact. Just like they wouldn't tromp on into a murder scene and start moving stuff around, wiping off the gun etc. (or would they?) they should back the hell away from molestation cases until the court hands down the verdict. Then they should act on the perpetuator if convicted. But do they do that? NOOOOOOO! They like to have the power and control and they don't like giving it up to the real authorities. Sick and twisted bastards!. When will they learn?

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