If you still attend

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  • collegegirl21

    If you still attend meetings, why do you go? I'm sure this has probably been covered, but going to the convention made me ask myself that today.
    I still attend because of my parents mostly, and a little bit because I was confused at the time. When I DA'ed myself, my mom went on medication and got sick and I just dont want to put her through that again. They were the only reasons I got reinstated too.
    But, why do you go now? Is it for family, significant others or just because?

  • l3gi0n

    i dont.. i think my parents got the hint that i wasnt going to go back to meetings after i joined the army, cuz they dont ask me to go anymore not even for memorial.. its pretty much great

  • serendipity

    I go once or twice a month at most, to pick up my mags and so that when my family asks, I can say I go. I'm a single mom, so I'm pretty much ignored and left alone. People don't make demands on me, so it's not really a burden.

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