No Soliciting

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  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    We always get people walking in from the street in our office trying to sell us something, one time the dude didn't want to leave, I asked my boss if we could put up a No Soliciting Sign, but our office is very nice, and really modern, so my boss said not to put a big sign because he didn't want the office to look crappy. I got out our Label maker and using the smallest font, made a No Soliciting label its only about an inch long, so now every time someone walks in we say DIDN'T YOU SEE THE SIGN??? and they say oh sorry and walk out and turn back and look at the front of our office scratching thier heads. I'm going to make one for home. ha ha ha

  • Crumpet

    WE have one at our house left by previous residents - no one pays any attention unless a violent dog is involved - same as when door knocking!

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