This is the September 2006 campaign...*dissapointing*

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  • Dune

    Last night during the meeting i go up to the back counter where the magizines are held so i can get some tylenol. I look over and big as day is the new september 2006 Awake. Under is a SPECIAL ISSUE. Underlined. The article? Its another go at evolution.

    The whole magazine is dedicated to show why creationism is still alive and kicking.

    The magazine starts off like any other Awake, however, it doesnt end at the first 12 pages. The entire magazine is dedicated Creationism. Theres a point at which the magazine bashes evolution with the same old "Mutation doesnt prove evolution" and the fruit fly theory.

    Theres also a Young People's ask section where they ask "How can i defend my faith in creation?" It gives pointers on how to circularly reason around issues such as the age of the universe, dinosaurs, science text books and other hot creationist topics.

    Lastly, what really intrigued me about the magazine (and kind of made me n auseous ) was that there was a whole section on Professional witnesses and why they didnt believe in evolution.

    There was a physicists, an Aereonautical Engineers,a Geologist and a molecular biologists.

    I had to laugh because obviously each and everyone one of them had to go to college. And at the same time, while they do have careers that stand out in the world of JW, the only one that would have any merit in the issue would be the biologist (although barely). Of course to the average JW, an engineer would know alot about Evolution...

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  • What-A-Coincidence

    special days


    special talk

    - These don't mean nothing anymore and when I was at Bethel we paid no attention because we all new there was nothing "special" about these. GB knows it too. They are pulling at straws now. The only end that is coming is that of the WTBTS.

    yes... i expect all campaigns to be dissapointing unless they create a ruckos in the r&f.

  • Dune

    LOL, sorry stillaex. I didnt know it was already done. *allows the post to die*

  • VM44

    Someone scanned that entire Awake! issue. Does anyone know if it is still online? --VM44

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