Picture of my husband's ulcers

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  • MsMcDucket

    Guys and gals make sure that you listen to your bodies. Here is a picture of my husband's ulcers as you can see he had more than one. His hgb is 8.5 today. I don't know if they are going to give him another transfusion or just make him stay another day to see if it drops any lower.


    Click on the picture to enlarge it. He has a scar from a previous ulcer, gastritis (circled), a really bloody ulcer, and another ulcer. These are all in his stomach.

    http://www.webmd.com/content/article/90/100627.htm (This page talks about signs and symptoms of ulcers.)

  • Stealth453

    Holy crap! Thats is scary. I hope that he will be ok. Please give him my regards, and wishes for a speedy recovery.

    I hope that you can cope ok as well.


  • anewme

    Sorry Mrs. McD.

    Has he tried drinking aloe juice? Just had to offer it to you in case you never heard of it.
    But Im guessing you have tried everything.

    Im really feeling sorry for your husband and what he is going through.


  • MsMcDucket

    Hello everyone, my husband got out of the hospital yesterday. He had to have 3 blood transfusions. His hemoglobin is now 10.9. The doctors have started him on Carafate and Prevacid; they stopped the Plavix and aspirin. They will continue to monitor him, closely, for a few months. I'm glad that I didn't take him to the VA (Veteran's hospital), and that I took him to a regular hospital. The VA doctor said that he had "gastritis". Those pictures show that he had an ulcer that healed (I think that's the one that was bleeding when he was in the hospital for his heart attack.). The pic/s, also, shows his current ulcer/s.

    Thanks to all that put me in their prayers and for the well-wishes!

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