Jim Jones

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  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre


    Does anyone have Information on the whole Jim Jones, Jonestown cult thing, I was telling my wife about JW and other cults and Jim Jones came up. If you have Video, articles, or photos, please post them here. I can't believe she never heard about it.

  • SirNose586
  • heathen

    just google Jim Jones ...... He was a very sick man that was going to die of cancer ,started a cult compound in south america , locked people in and demanded they drink cianide laced kool aid , the ones that tried to escape were shot . Very sad story

  • Sailor Ripley
    Sailor Ripley

    I'd like to see the movie again if someone can find it. I've been looking for a couple of years and haven't been able to locate it. Had Powers Booth, as kuko himself, Ned Beatty, Levar Burton, et cetera.

  • anewme

    The Story of Jim Jones shocked the world and stands as a warning to all of the dangerous power of a cult.

  • Swan

    Powers Boothe won an Emmy award for that role, as I recall. It was a very good movie.


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